Grenade is at the centre

Grenade is at the centre

A host of local musicians and music managers are on the spot after their close associate accused them of practicing homosexuality.
Nalongo Maggie Kaweesi- the widow of fallen musician AK-47- has lifted the lid about the goings on in the industry, revealing how male musicians are involved in same sex relationships.
In a rather disturbing audio recorded this week, Maggie claims star music manager Jeff Kiwanuka had sex with his protege Grenade, a new music star.
Jeff Kiwa managed Grenade in Team No Sleep until a few weeks ago.

According to Maggie, Grenade revealed the shocking secrets of how Jeff sexually molested him.

Grenade claims this is actually the reason he quit Jeff’s music label.

However in the same audio, Maggie further claims Grenade was

involved in an anal threesome with another Ugandan star Eddie Kenzo, and Tanzanian hotshot Harmonize in Dubai.


The three musicians were recently in Dubai for the Africa One Fest music festival.

And they took time off to enjoy each other.
Maggie claims that while there, the three locked themselves in a hotel room and feasted on each other.
In separate incident Grenade- who seems to be at the centre of everything- is said to have been molested by two men hired by city socialite God’s Plan.

God’s Plan was revenging on Grenade for sleeping with his lover, Sheilah Gashumba.

These claims cannot be verified.
However they will shock fans who look up to these stars as gods.

Just a few years ago, some female musicians were also rumored to be in  same sex relationships. Rapper Keko was said to be dating Sheebah.

Gospel singer Julie Mutesasira abandoned her marriage and ran to Canada were she is said to have married to a fellow woman.


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