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Details have emerged about a self-kidnap by one of the notorious People Power Movement female followers Zulaika Nalukenge.

Nalukenge last weeks appeared at a press conference in Kampala where she made allegations that she had been kidnapped in Kampala and that she was held for one week in unknown place around the city.

That she was roughed up by men near Acacia Mall in Kamwokya, a Kampala suburb, where she had gone to pick a cake for her birthday due the following day but some one wonders how someone can be kidnapped in such a busy place and no one is able to see or learn about it.

Shedding crocodile tears, Nalukenge claimed that while in captivity she waited for her time to die because she thought that they were going to shoot her dead.

She further claimed that for four days, she was kept in dark rooms by men whose faces she did not see but only heard them demanding to know what People Power was up to and what they wanted to do to the government.

Interestingly, she claims for all the time she spent in captivity, she refused to reveal any information her captors were demanding from her until they lost interest in her and dumped her somewhere and that she ran to Kalerwe.

Really? Was this

a kidnap by security operatives or Nalukenge just like her name was on a pick nick somewhere?

Which trained security interrogator would fail to get required information from Nalukenge if she is truly a top target as she wants to portray to her boss Robert Kyagulanyi.

According to a source within the People Power Women wing, Nalukenge’s case was a self-kidnap after failing to raise money for her birthday celebrations which was on a Friday.

“This is the Nalukenge I know more that you people, she was not kidnapped as she alleges, I was seated behind her laughing at her as lied the country. Yes I know she is eying Bukomansimbi woman MP seat it could be the reason she is pulling all these tricks to attract public sympathy. Otherwise she knows it better that she has never been kidnaped.” Nalukenge’s close friend in People Power narrates.

“She was seen loitering at UN offices. Currently she’s hiding in a yet to be identified place but with a sole purpose of tarnishing the image of government. She’s a malingerer, wiseacre and a crook. She is sometimes called Sekito Kasajja on social media a name for men”. This source added.

“Some of us are in People Power not that we support Bobi Wine because he is not taking us anywhere but we are just trying our luck in politics because he is currently the face of opposition. If any other people come we switch to that person.”


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