A LOVED UP man travelled 267 kilometers from Kampala to Mbarara to meet a new woman he met of Facebook, only for her to infect him with Gonorrhea, a deadly sexually transmitted disease.



And furious 23-year-old Saad Muwuumuza has taken to the social media website to expose Joan Rukundo, 40.

This story will come as a confirmation that many Ugandans are involved in high risk sex after dumping the protective condoms.


In a recent revelation by the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC), there’s a decline in use of condoms in the country, pointing to a danger of resurgence of high HIV/Aids prevalence.


The UAC oversees implementation of the national strategy to combat HIV/AIDS which was adopted by government in 1990.


Mr. Daniel Byamukama, the UAC head of HIV prevention, said the reduction in use of condoms during sexual intercourse among Ugandans has occurred for at least the last 15 years. He said condom use fell from 61.1 per cent in 2000 to 52.1 percent in 2016.



This latest example of Muwuumuza who traveled 267 kilometers is a classic example of a rotten community where first time unprotected sex is the thing.

Posting on Facebook, Muwuumuza says he met Ms Rukundo- who goes by the moniker Ruth Mama Victory- on Facebook and bombarded her with love messages in her inbox.

And the two hit off sharing WhatsApp contacts before she invited him to Mbarara.


And he jumped onto the next bus and off to Mbarara, he went. And what followed was a night of bliss as the pair engaged on sex all

night. It was unprotected sex.

lover 1

He spent the whole weekend before returning to Kampala. Sadly, he contracted the deadly in his two-day tryst and is now on medication as seen in the photo below.

lover 2

And now poor Muwuumuza is worried he could have contracted the killer HIV. Exposing the lady on Facebook, Muwuumuza warns young men from falling for older women.

“My fellow youths, be careful and please use condoms,” Muwuumuza warns.


According to the AIDS Commission’s Byamukama, more people are contracting HIV/AIDS.

“We believe this is so because people are no longer seeing HIV as a threat. You can no longer identify people suffering from HIV from their physical appearance. The fear has reduced so much,” Mr Byamukama said during a media training organized by Health Journalists Network – Uganda (HEJN-U) in Kampala recently.


Mr. Byamukama said last year alone, 53,000 people contracted HIV and warned people to continue using condoms. Statistics from UAC also indicate that there are 1,000 new infections and 500 deaths translating into 53,000 new infections and 23,000 deaths annually. Majority of the new infections are among youth aged 15 to 24.


Dr. Joyce Moriku, the State minister for Primary Healthcare, admitted the decline in use of condom and said there is need for a scientific research to establish why people are no longer using the condoms.

“This would enable us to come up with a strategic plan to address the problem,” Dr. Moriku said.


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