Troy in court inset is Mowzey (RIP)

GODFREY WAMALA alias Troy has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing Moze Radio.

Troy was on Monday this week found guilty of manslaughter and not murder which he had been charged with.

Justice Jane Abodo of Entebbe High Court on Thursday reiterated that Wamala did not have malice aforethought (intention) to kill singer Radio despite the fact that the Goodlyfe Crew member died following a bar brawl.
The judge, however, noted that Wamala is to

spend 13 years, three months and four days in prison because he has already served one year, eight months and 26 days in Kigo Prison.
According to Justice Abodo, Wamala has a right to appeal if he’s not satisfied with her decision.

During the Entebbe High Court on Monday, the judge in her ruling read to a fully-packed court argued that Wamala squarely linked himself to the scene of crime when he admitted he was present when the incident happened.
In his defence, Wamala had denied touching the musician and said he saw two other men beating him up.


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