GOOD LYFE star Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has said musician Red Banton has done a lot for the industry and deserves to be called a legend ahead of Bebe Cool.



For the last few weeks, there’s been a debate about who qualifies to be considered a legend in the Uganda music industry with many fans rooting for their favorite artistes.

It all started when veteran Maddox Sematimba- while appearing on TV- claimed Jose Chameleone, considered by many as the musician who

chased Lingala from Uganda,
is not a legend.
Since the industry heavyweights have chipped with each coming out with a different view.
Weasel is the latest to weigh in.
When asked if considered Bebe Cool a legend, the singer laughed out loud, even turning abusive, labelling the Gagamel president ‘stupid’.
Weasel has never forgiven Bebe Cool for calling him untalented and lucky to ride on Moze Radio.

Speaking today, Weasel said Red Banton has done more for the industry than Bebe Cool.

“I would rather call Red Banton a legend but not Bebe Cool,” Weasel said.


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