WHAT NEXT for Fresh Kid?

This will be the question on many fans’ minds after his talented song writer called it quits.



This website understands the writer known as 14K Bwongo has parted ways with Fresh Kid’s management, De Texas.

It’s not clear the reason behind his departure but the noise we are getting is that it wasn’t on good terms.
Cash is being

talked about.

14K Bwongo wrote: “Hello my lovely fans and friends, I have made this post to inform you that I’m nolonger under De Texas Management.

For those who love #14KBwongo, keep supporting me #Bambi.”
He thanked the management and wished Fresh Kid the best, meaning they won’t be working together anymore.


Bwongo has written all Fresh Kid’s music.
Ever since Fresh Kid started earning from gigs, there have been money wars between his management and his parents.


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