EDDIE KENZO and baby momma Rema Namakula are no more.

Their relationship or marriage, if you want.

Jazmine and Pia are Kenzo's side dishes

Jazmine and Pia are Kenzo’s side dishes


Uganda was stunned yesterday morning when it emerged that the Deep in Love singer, Rema, was set to introduce a one, Hamza Sebunya later this year.

This confirmed one of Kampala’s worst kept secrets that her romance with Kenzo had gone to the dogs.
They were no more.

Their relationship was always in the news for mostly the wrong reasons.
Most times, they kept quiet. They ignored all talk and seemed to focus more on their music careers, and their daughter Aamal Musuza.


Many expected them to work out their differences and get their love back on track. Far from it.

Media, us included, never kept quiet.
We went on with our job. We wrote. Half truths, rumors, speculation.

At least we were sure of one thing. Not all was well in the Kenzo/Rema dynasty.
Ever since he hit the big stage to become a continental superstar, Kenzo had the whole country, and almost all warm bloodied ladies, under his feet.
And he allegedly dated them, left, right and centre.


They wanted him more than he did them.
His respect for ‘wife’ Rema diminished. Kenzo would disappear from their Seguku for days, and he gave her no word.

Jazmine, Pia happy to share Kenzo

Jazmine, Pia happy to

share Kenzo


Rema had become just another toy. An object.

Kenzo romped with them nice, pretty ladies.

But of all his conquests, two stood out.

PIA POUNDS. LYDIA JAZMINE. Both, like Rema, are musicians.

Ok, Jazmine is. Pia is an upcoming of sorts.
To get close to Pia Everytime he felt like, Kenzo signed her to his crew, Big Talent under the guise of mentoring her musically.
Close associates always knew this was a lie. The two wanted a better chance to enjoy their horizontal engagements.

Pia officially joining Kenzo’s Big Talent meant she would traverse the whole country, and sometimes outside countries, and wouldn’t raise eyebrows.

Kenzo and Pia were a big item in their circles. Rema heard rumors at first, but thought this was just word of haters, who wanted to fail her ‘marriage.’

Then the Jazmine gossip started. A few pictures of her and Kenzo did the rounds on social media.
Not much attention was paid to them since both are top members of the music industry and by virtue of their work, they were bound to be in the same circles.
Theirs was not just industry colleagues. They were secret lovers.
Everytime she was asked about Kenzo, Jazmine insisted he was a just friend and mentor.

She lied, of course. Until recently when she admitted she would never leave Kenzo, no matter what.

Jazmine and Kenzo

Jazmine and Kenzo

She’s ready to share him. With anyone. Pia, or even Rema, or any other girl. She is contented.
Kenzo likes them that way. Submissive. Pia plays along, just like Jazmine.
Not Rema.


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