The Uganda music industry is not for the fainthearted.
To make a breakthrough you’ve got to persevere. Success doesn’t just come your way.
Talent alone is no guarantee to success.
If you doubt ask the extremely talented raggamuffin Treka Man.
Dancehall raggamuffin Treka Man has switched from music as his only full-time job to being a part-time school cook in order to complement his finances.
The Oguluba Guluba Nange singer who had disappeared from the entertainment scene revealed his side job during an interview after he was found preparing lunch for school children.
He also added that he ditched music ever since he fell out with his management team due to accumulated debts he had incurred.
“I went off the music scene sometime back because I got heavily indebted from some shows and I was put on so much pressure until I was bailed out by my good friend who paid part of the debts,” he said.
Treka Man went on and advised fellow musicians not to disguise jobs in order to avoid being beggers as he took a swipe at musicians Roden Y Kabako and Kalifah AgaNaga who beg him for money.