In the marking and celebration of 2019 International Womens Day, the 2019 season of Coke Studio Africa announces its upcoming all women finale episode in a powerful statement and a trail-blazing move.

Coke Studio all women show

Coke Studio all women show

This will be the first time in the history of the Pan African music property to feature an all-female episode, that will include female singers, rappers, music producers, studio engineers, a full band, as well as key behind the scenes crew like, content directors, scriptwriters, editors, camera operators and floor managers amongst others.

Over the last six seasons of Coke Studio Africa, the show continues to highlight Africas great talent and the opportunities for women in the arts and entertainment industry. Currently, approximately 60% of all the professionals that work on Coke Studio Africa comprise of women. Coke Studio Africa will continue to give more meaningful and competitive opportunities to women in the field of arts and music, through the platform.

Top female instrumentalists from Kenya who will be part of Coke Studio Africa All Women Band in the finale episode will include Kasiva Mutua (Percussions), Wendy Kemunto (Vocals), Ivy Alexander (Guitar), Naomi Ziro (Bass Guitar) and Mutindi Tindi Muasa (Keyboard). Top female artists drawn from across the continent will include Nazizi (Kenya), Lioness (Namibia), Boity (South Africa), Sheebah (Uganda), Nandy (Tanzania),

Mahlet (Ethiopia) Lourena Nhate (Mozambique), Tamy (Zimbabwe) and music producer Viola Karuri (Kenya), among others.

Monali Shah, Head of Content Excellence, for Coca-Cola Southern and East African Business Unit says, We are very excited to announce an all women finale episode of the 2019 edition of Coke Studio Africa. Its the first time the production is taking such a bold move in the history of Coke Studio Africa to spotlight the amazing talent we have in entertainment. The kind of talent and artists we met and discovered during the process was mind blowing and we cant wait till music fans of the show can watch this powerful episode that will be airing across over 40 countries starting March 29th 2019.


Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive music collaboration show, which seeks to bring together, and celebrate the diversity of African music and talent. It also gives upcoming artists the opportunity to work with some of the best local and international music and production talent. The artists are drawn from different genres, eras and regions and put in pairs to create a modern and authentic African sound through musical fusion. As the artists interact and produce music documented by the shows producers, they also get to learn about each others music and styles while exchanging cultures. The show takes the viewers inside the recording studio to watch a diverse range of artists.

Official partners of Coke Studio Africa 2019 include: Sankara Hotel, PACE Africa, Yallo and Home 254.


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