The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has today 24th January 2019 met with representatives from the film industry to discuss how best the industry can be boosted locally and internationally.
UCC boss Mutabazi

UCC boss Mutabazi

During the meeting, Godfrey Mutabazi, UCC Executive Director said UCC is committed to support the film industry regardless of the new regulations imposed on entertainers.
He said “We should advocate for the establishment of a robust film industry first; regulations will follow, but I think we are still struggling in many aspects including capacity… “We understand the value of the creative industry and counting on you to boost our local content.”
The film industry representatives submitted that the industry in Uganda is still struggling and there is still limited local support.
This comes shortly after UCC hosted American film actor, director and producer, Morocco Omari (known for starring in Empire) over the weekend for a workshop – training aimed at understanding effective acting and directing as far as Ugandan film is concerned.
Omari facilitated the training teaching local film makers and actors how to understand and tell African stories appropriately through film.
When the ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development put out the regulations on entertainers and performing artists, there was an outcry especially from musicians who took to all platforms to air out their grievances but this fell on deaf ears.
The musicians have since held meetings to discuss how they will engage government and discuss way forward.

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