Singing diva Sheebah Karungi of the Team No Sleep Group has finally come out and addressed the subject that she has been silent about for over three years regarding her relationship with manager Jeff Kiwanuka.

Rumor has been making rounds that Sheeba started by cooking for Jeff and the two were eloping together with Sheeba playing as wife to the music

Sheeba Karungi

Sheeba Karungi

Months after Jeff and Sheebah started working together, rumour spread like wild fire that the two were romantically involved.

Since then, neither of the two has come out to deny or confirm the romantic relationship as they kept their fans guessing.

However, realizing that enough is enough, Sheebah has publicly addressed the elephant in the room.

A few days back, the ‘Wankoona’ singer shed light on the

matter stating that the two are not dating as Jeff Kiwa is simply her manager.

Sheebah urged her fans also known as ‘Sheebaholics’ not to believe in rumours adding that if something personal comes up she will let them know.

“What they reported that time is not true. Jeff is my manager guys, you want to dig into it, go ahead. I don’t have time for that, but me as me, when I have something to tell you about my personal life, I will let you know. It’s none of anyone’s business anyway.” Sheebah is quoted saying.

Jeff romantically holds Sheeba in a selfie

Jeff romantically holds Sheeba in a selfie

This comes just a few weeks to her much anticipated ‘Omwooyo’ concert slated for 30th November at Hotel Africana of which


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