Sexpest Charles Hamya, the General Manager of Multichoice Uganda, a pay-tv company that runs DStv, is reportedly dating (secretly) city emcee Dave Kazoora’s official wife, Patricia.

Mr. Hamya and Mrs. Kazoora have been having a secret affair for years. To keep it away from the public eye, the pair are said to mostly have their trysts in private hotels and residences.

Charles Hamya

Charles Hamya

“They even fly abroad. They don’t want anybody to know,” said a close pal.

His favourite destination is Hyatt Regency, in Dubai.

But sometime back the two lovebirds were pictured in a dark corner at Mayfair Casino. And this is one of the rare moments the two appear in a public place together.

Our insider tells us that Hamya is so much into the mother of Kazoora’s two children that he’s always promised to give her everything life has to offer. And she fell for him, and has given him her all, the insider adds. Patricia packed her belongings and left Kazoora’s home in Kiira some years ago.

We do not know if Hamya played a part in Kazoora and Patricia’s separation. However, we can confirm that Patricia is still legally married to Kazoora since the pair have never divorced. Early this year, Hamya was accused by his wife of having a long-standing affair with a female workmate.

Crusid Matovu said

in an email to Multichoice staff that her husband Hamya and DStv Marketing Manager Phoebe Nakabazzi “started having an affair shortly after Nakabazzi joined the company” in 2015. We later learnt that Hamya and Nakabazzi’s affair started long before she joined Multichoice. Then, she was the Guinness brand manager at Luzira based Uganda Breweries Limited.

Mrs. Hamya said her email intends to “bring to light the unethical actions of two of your employees who also happen to be in leadership positions within the company.”

She revealed that she met Hamya in 201I “and we were in a public relationship until May 2016 when we decided to get married.”

Kazoora, wife Patricia and their kids

Kazoora, wife Patricia and their kids

However, Hamya and Nakabazzi would later start an affair, according to Crusid. What she did not know, is that it’s not only Nakabazzi in Hamya’s life but Patricia Kazoora as well.
In the bold email, Mrs. Hamya said Nakabazzi had “continued to disrespect my marriage despite many attempts to cease her mistress-like behaviors with Charles.”

She added: “Her (Nakabazzi) most recent act of devaluing my marriage was on a recent trip she took to Dubai with Charles two weeks ago.” She forgot it’s her husband who preys on the multiple youthful women. “He is stinking wealthy,” a pal added.
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