Jose Chameleone’s marriage has always been a ticking time bomb, family sources have opened revealing untold dirty secrets.

To the very close family friends, Chameleone’s wife, Daniela Mayanja is a strong woman who has persevered.

Daniela & Jose

Daniela & Jose

“Chameleone is a dog. He’s really made Daniela suffer. He doesn’t respect her. Yes he might love her but he has no respect, and has done all dirty things to her. There is no going back, Daniela is fed up,” a close family source told this website.
Earlier today (Monday) Chameleone took to Facebook to urge Daniela to pay attention to the positivity from their marriage.

A source says CHAMELEONE strongly wants Daniela to think about their kids before anything else.

Xclusive UG can confirm that Chameleone’s pals have been backbiting him, telling Daniela about his sex escapades.

We have been told that just last week, Daniela received over twenty pictures of Chameleone and some of his secret lovers.

Yes, Daniela has always known

about the singer’s cheating ways. But he has always given him a chance and hoped he had now matured.

“He gets more wasted each passing year,” a source told us.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the musician was recently recorded having sex in a car park at Atmosphere Lounge in Kololo.

The video was sent to Daniela.

“She felt disappointed, angry and humiliated. She couldn’t believe the father of her children could stoop this low,” another source added.

What is even worrying Chameleone more is that he doesn’t know who among his friends is feeding his wife with his dirt.

He has not denied anything because there is proof, but he has urged his wife to focus on positivity.

Jose and Daniela have five kids

Jose and Daniela have five kids

He wrote earlier: “If we could give the Same attention to positivity,We would be further than this!!!
People got a lot of energy for negativity and less vibe for positivity!”

Daniela is not interested.
At least for now….


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