HAVING SHORT hair shouldn’t stop you from looking good with that particular hairstyle you have been longing for. Short hair looks great and magnificent when plaited into gorgeous braids which will match with and compliment your facial features.

Wonderful Short Bride's Maid Braided-Hairstyle

Wonderful Short Bride’s Maid Braided-Hairstyle

Today, Xclusive Ug will share with you some of our best thoughts of the best short braided hairstyles for a natural mordern Kampala woman that will give you that look you have been longing for as a Bride’s Maid or any thing close.
Many of these short braided hairstyles for black women are easy to recreate and style as it will take you less than 30 minutes to achieve a finished look and you may not need a hairstylist or professional a ‘kiwanyi’ on your head.


Creative short braided hairstyle for a black Bride’s Maid; just like the name suggests, is a creative, innovative and unique short braided hairstyle among black women. It looks unique and chic which we believe when you try it on your head it will make you look sophisticated, appealing and adorable.

This creative short braided hairstyle is so fit for most Ugandan women features beautiful bouncy curls in form of a Mohawk thus you will have to create or

curl your hair either using hot rollers or a curling iron.

An Old local woman working on Bride's Maid Braids

An Old local woman working on Bride’s Maid Braids


Begin by preparing your hair so that it’s ready for styling. If you have taken a while without washing your hair, you might need to wash it to give it that freshness and cleanliness it deserves.

Shampoo your hair to remove product residues which might have accumulated on the scalp of your head and then rinse with clean water. Place a clean dry towel around your head so that it absorbs excess water dripping off from your hair.

Blow dry your hair and apply moisturizer so that your hair is nourished at all times. Apply styling products so that your hair is easy and ready to work with during the styling process.

In the sides, you are going to create short braids as shown in the above picture and leave the curls in the middle section unplaited or unbraided. Using a wide tooth comb, lift up the roots of the curls to make them look fuller and voluminous.

Pair the hairstyle with the right and appropriate accessories and you will be good to go. You can wear these kind of black braided hairstyles when going to casual or formal occasions.


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