Ugandans never cease to forgive that easily, for a fact that one is somehow linked with a crook. Town revealers have not forgiven Golden Band for their participation in the Tubonge project and innocent Golden Band Papa, Messach somhow seem to be part of the felon.


Last week, Messach Ssemakula invested Ugshs 22 million in a show at Calendar

Rest House in Makindye with hopes of making healthy profits.

And as the show came to an end, Messach only salvaged Ugshs 16 million from the anticipated show way too law from what he could imagine. He registered a successful loss of a Ugshs 6 million without any profit returns.

We have come to realize that; as long as your affiliates participated in the Tubonge project, for some reason you may not survive the venomous sting.


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