Fast raising Dancehall musician, Apass got on the wrong side of fame this week as he turned up for a Tv interview in Sandals.

The singer appeared on the Urban TV gossip show dubbed Scoop on Scoop dressed in long jeans folded at the bottom and a pair of dirty craft sandals.

A pass

Many sensitive fashionista regarded his look disrespectful drawing several criticism with latest being Contrversial Tv gossip queen Mary Luswata. She said….

#‎POINT ONE: No one is asking you to be

like JAY Z or Kanye West or American, you came in the industry just the other day and you are far too broke to be.

#POINT TWO: You can’t be a monkey, you are too weak, small, you have lousy legs, look at your head, the way you walk, nahh, plus monkeys are far too smart and intelligent. i would say you pass for an OSTRICH though.

#POINT THREE: TV is not your home so stop feeling at home there. Did you see a fridge, or a window, did you see a neighbor what makes you think its your home?


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