The battle between vocal crooners Dr. Jose Chameleone and Rival Singer, Denis Bitone commonly known as Dim Denis is getting horrifying.

Bitone who has a voice similar to Chameleone’s making him a possible competitor has been a wanted man by Chameleone for giving him sleepless nights.


last week was blood cuddling for him after landing on a group of Boys who beat him blue

black. The boys Who hail from Makindye are believed to have attacked on orders of Chameleone.

In his song “Tulikuki”, Dr. Bitone attacks the singer for neglecting his family. He says Chameleone has left his family to suffer yet he can do something about the suffering, a duty he has ignored.

Bitone is popularly known for Nga Bwewakolanga trend-setting song which he did with Elly Wamala’s daughter, Fiona Wamala.

“I am not here to fight those before me; I am here to serve music lovers,” he has always said.


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