ALL IS not well with singers Sophie Nantongo, David Lutalo and a comedian only identified as Mariachi after they were this week denied United Kingdom Visas.

David Lutalo

David Lutalo

Our snoops reveal that Nantongo, Lutalo and Mariachi were slated to perform in London this week but almost shed tears when they reached the British Embassy in Kitante only to be turned

away by officials, who informed the trio that they could not be given UK Visas.

Although the British Embassy officials didn’t give the three artistes satisfactory reasons why, it is suspected that the Visa denial could have been as a result of an outbreak of yellow fever in several parts of the country, especially Kampala.

Right now the three artistes are crying foul, because their posters had already been pinned in several parts of London and adverts about their concert have been running in media houses there.


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