As they say, old habits die hard. Singer Jose Chameleone is likely to be back at it with hosting secret female pals in the night at city happening places. Snoops reveal that the singer left everyone in whispers on Wednesday night during Kim Swagga Fashion Night at Club Silk when he was sighted with a slightly taller muzungu babe whom we are yet to identify.

The two spent the whole night deeply engaged in conversation though the singer sometimes would act uncomfortable. Sources reveal that the whole night Chameleone was with this babe would not introduce her to anyone like he normally does when he is with any female pal. Those who know him intimated to us that the special attention he was giving this babe the whole night certainly means there’s something special he finds in her.

Some months back Chameleone

was photographed holding city model Doreen Kabareebe’s panty-less butt during the flopped Siqo show at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds and it caused astir in the singer’s marriage with his wife Daniella Atim who got disturbed by the sight of her husband’s hand on the model’s naked butt.

An insider intimated to us that Daniela who was then on holiday in Italy poured out her emotional torture to the singer. Sources revealed that Daniela told off her husband to stop hurting and humiliated her in public. “I keep telling you the situation but you are not bothered because you want to satisfy your ego at night with women,” Daniela reportedly wrote to Chameleone via email. We don’t know how Daniela will react about this new secret pal to her husband. It is known that Chameleone has a weakness for white chis.


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